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Our Early Corporate Customers include:

  • Alliance University    Bangalore,
  • ASM Technologies Bangalore,
  • Bangalore Institute of Management Studies Bangalore,
  • BMA Bangalore,
  • Bharathidasan Institute of Management BIM Trichy and Bangalore,
  • C.M.C Ltd, Bangalore
  • IDEA Cellular 
  • IFIM Bangalore,   
  • Learning Labs Bangalore, 
  • Maruthi International School, Tumkur 
  • Sainath Education Trust, Bangalore 
  • Shikshapeeth College of Management and Technology (SCMT) Delhi
  • UNISYS  

    and many others are joining fast. 

Track Record

  • In a short span, We have track Record of :
  • Over 1,150,000 Web based evaluations of Candidates
  • 406 Members, More than 28 Corporate Members 
  • Over 500 tests set  
  • 160 Custom Designed Tests, 
  • Tests  Designed for MAFOI and Learning Labs , Top Management Consultancy Companies, and Colleges / Students-SelfTesting

Satisfaction Guaranteed

  • Our Online Tests satisfy  your domain needs,
  • Our 'Testgen' is highly scalable, 24X7 Available,
  • Completely Web-based,highly reliable and easily affordable. 
  • Optionally You can go in for Your own Web instance of Testgen and
    Data base on our site, at a little extra cost .

How to become a Corporate Member

How to become Individual Member : Pay Direct Or by Cheque/D.D/M.O

How to become Individual Member: Pay by Credit Card

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Basic features of 'Testgen'
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Set / Reset Timers
create userIDs of Test takers / students
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Advanced features of 'Testgen'
Create Tests Using Question Banks
Use Ready Made Tests
Seamlessly move between Tests and Question Banks
IT/BPO Tests
Suspend / Resume Tests



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